The Chandelier Tree

There are two Chandelier trees.  One in Los Angeles and the other in Leggett California.   The Los Angeles Chandelier Tree is man-made work of art that is gaining in popularity.  This Chandelier Tree features the artistic blend of chandeliers and a tree that is in front of an artist’s home.  The Chandelier Tree in Leggett California is an amazing tree that has become a tourist attraction.   This tree has a tunnel carved through the middle that cars can drive through. Both of these trees will cause you to put down you smartphones and tablets long enough to enjoy their beauty.


Chandelier Tree

Drive Thru Tree

Directions to Drive Thru Tree Park

67402 Drive Thru Tree Road, Leggett, CA 95585



The Drive Thru Tree Park  in Leggett CA is a must see for anyone near Leggett California.  This unique tree provides an unforgettable experience for the entire family.  Drive Thru Tree Park is one of the most recognizable places in on the West Coast.  This was featured in National Lampoon’s movie Vacation.  It was featured on a card in the beginning of the movie.

The Drive Thru Tree park:  Location

It is  located 185 miles north of San Francisco at the junction of US101 and Coast Hwy 1.  The Park boast of more than 200 acres of virgin redwood trees.  There is a small entrance fee and the park is open at 8:30 am to dusk every day except Christmas and Thanksgiving.

The Drive Thru Tree Park:  Gift shop

The Park is great with clean restrooms.  The park is a great place to take a nature walk.  Pets are welcome; however they must be on a lease at all times.  There is an excellent gift shop with film and restrooms, a day use picnic area, and you can take nature walks through the forest. With a nominal entrance fee, the park is open 8:30 am to dusk year-round, except on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

This site is not the official site of Drive Thru Tree Park.  All information is provided help vacationers find the great park. If you want information about the park, you can contact them at: http://www.drivethrutreepark.com


The Chandelier Tree

2811 West Silver Lake Drive Los Angels California 90039

Adam Tenenbaum a Los Angeles-based airbrush make-up artist, photographer and designer  is the creator of the chandelier tree.   The Chandelier Tree was born when he decided to hang them on a tree in front of his house.  His roommate Brian, a acrobat helped hang the chandeliers.   Once he had several chandeliers in the tree he had to light them.  After Tenenbaum’s overwhelming positive response from his neighbors, his initial goal was to get 30 chandeliers in the tree.




One day, a neighbor of Tenenbaum, Colin Kennedy, knocked on his door and offered to film the following documentary.

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